I know finding time to blog has been a real challenge for me this year and that's mainly because of bigger priorities on my plate.  There were times when I was feeling so sleepy but I would still push myself to complete a draft post.  I would also wake up earlier than usual so that I would have enough time to take photos before going to the office.

Another reason why my posts got lesser is because I tried to add more content to my Youtube channel.  It's more difficult to manage time if there's a video I need to work on and at the same time, do a product review.

Nevertheless, challenges are not meant to be a bad thing.  In fact, I think that's exactly what I needed.  It allowed me to be more organized, which is one of my goals in life and be more eager to finish whatever I started.

With less than 100 posts this year, I'd like to give you a big hug for showing your love for le blog despite of my idleness.  As part of my usual year-ender series, here's the round up of your favorite posts.

Product Review - Makeup

Maybe a lot of my readers are also greasy gals like me.  Haha!  

This product surprisingly works.  Surely, this would be abused during summertime next year.

Product Review - Skincare

Special thanks to Skin Station for letting me try this!  

My skin is so sensitive to sunscreen formula but this one didn't give me irritation.  It is lightweight and doesn't feel like sunblock at all, which I like because I'm not a fan of the icky, thick and heavily-scented ones.

Batch Review

I thought I'd separate this because it's a new series that I introduced this year.  Given my limited "blogging time", I had to squeeze in a bunch of products in one post.  However, I still tried to talk about each of the items as detailed as possible.

Burp Guide

I've been also writing about food less often now compared before.  Next year, ah nope, STARTING FROM NOW, I'll make sure to do at least one every month.

We forgot about Gerry's and Dencio's ever since we tried Kuya J.  Hihi.  Their Kare-Kare is a must-try!

Outside the Series

I'm still on the fence of buying the serum they used during the facial treatment - the Hyal-C.

I also mentioned that they gave me a few more GC's so I could try their other services and I might use one very soon.  

Now, let's check out the videos!

Most Watched Travel Video

So stoked when this reached 10,000 views!  This is actually my favorite part because you know, panda-chan. Hihi.

Most Watched Haul

I didn't like how the video turned out because of the bad lighting but I hope it helped you on your Althea shopping.

Most Watched Vlog

Do you think starting a regular vlog series is a good idea?  If you're down for it, what should we call it?  How about Ichi TV?  Hahaha!

Did I capture your personal favorite posts?

Again, thank you so much for trusting le blog.  It has been a never-ending learning experience for me and for you all, I'll make sure to improve more and give you guys more quality content.

It means a lot to me knowing that I could get to help someone through this blog, no matter how simple or small it is.  I bet it's mostly beauty related but still, the fact that I could reach out to people "virtually" is enough for me to feel that sense of fulfillment.  

So from the bottom of my happy, smiling heart, thank you soooooooooooooooo much!  Your girl will keep on striving, will slay more, will work hard, will kilay hard, will blind more eyes with highlight, you name it!  Hahahahaha!

Love you!

your sweetest drug,
Merry Christmas again, world!  How did it go for you all?  I bet you got giddy over the presents you received.  Speaking of presents, did you also get one for yourself?

Anyhoo, before I start editing my makeup video (finally) let me talk about this brow mascara that I'm currently using first.  I also bought this in Osaka when I was shopping for pasalubong at Don Quijote shop.  I believe they were selling this at 50% off, so without hesitation, I threw it in my basket.

Mine is in the shade Pink Brown or #06.  It's in waterproof formula, which is common in almost all Kiss Me by Isehan products.

I instantly liked the color when I swatched it.  I also find the applicator to be in the perfect size because it suits the width of my brows well.

Close-up, you could tell that there's a hint of metallic-like finish.  There's no glitter whatsoever though.  I also don't want that in my brow mascara.

It creates dimension when applied and it makes the brows look fuller.

It's also really pigmented so you can use it alone to fill in your brows.  However, one problem is that, you won't get a precise shape if you don't do the outline first using a separate brow product.  Though I think for people on-the-go and for very quick application, it's still useful.

please ignore my ungroomed brows haha!

As you can see, it really does its job of coloring the brows and lightening the strands.  It also doesn't make the hair too stiff.

I think I got a perfect shade that complements my current hair color!

About its lasting power, I don't have anything negative to say because it stays on the entire day (ooh, that rhymed).

I always make sure to top my shaped and filled-in brows with this mascara to put the hairs in place and to make everything appear neat.

And that's what you should do to have a "kilay is life" moment.  Haha!

What do you think?

your sweetest drug,
Y'all know what comes next.

I've been filming since 7 PM but I took a quick break to attend the mass.  Now, let me have a quick moment to wish you and your family a blessed Christmas.

For some reason (maybe it's because of Christmas magic), a lot of us are feeling grateful and positive.  No bad vibes!  That's why I love this season actually.  There's nothing to be sad about because you feel the love and appreciation from the people around you.  It could be because of the gifts you receive but most importantly, I believe it should be because of the fact that you are remembered and I'm pretty sure, your friends and family are so thankful to have you around.

Again, Merry Christmas from me and Kris!  Go and spend this time with your favorite people!

Oh!  By the way, who's rocking red lips tomorrow?  :)

your sweetest drug,
We spotted this restaurant not long ago in one of our go-to malls and we decided to check it out.  From the outside, the ambiance seemed interesting and it really looked inviting.

We didn't get the theme at first because when we first saw the menu, we noticed that they're serving all sorts of dishes, from pasta and pizza to steak and burger.  They even have sushi rolls!

On my first visit, I was with my friends then, I dragged Kris because I wanted him to try the steak.

They are located beside Trinoma chapel - garden side.

You can mix two flavors for your pizza.  I think the left side was Philly Cheese Steak.  The other half, I can't remember.  Haha!

It was good.  I liked it because of the thin crust and it's overloaded with cheese.

My friend ordered this.  I think it's pork belly of some sort.

Here's the tenderloin steak (less than 400 php).

It's served on a marble-like plating and there's something with flames underneath to keep it warm I guess.  You can opt to substitute your mashed potato with something else like rice as your side dish.

It's cooked perfectly the first time I tried it.  I loved the gravy too.

If you're with a small group, this is one restaurant I could recommend.  It's nice to hang out there and the food selection is great.  Yeah, a bit confusing, but still okay especially if you and your friends don't easily agree about which dish to get.

What do you think?

your sweetest drug,
Last week, I was already planning the makeup video that has been in my to-do list for a while now.  I even wrote today's date beside it to give myself more push and complete it.

But I don't know what the hell was wrong with me.  Because two days ago, I got irritated by a few clogged pores and I pricked them knowing that they could turn into zits. Good job, Ichi.  Good job.

Now, my face is spotty.  Well, I could just use concealer but my "filming mood" was already spoiled so I decided to skip a weekend and just wait for them pimples to heal.  Ugh.

Anyway, I've prepared a post for you guys.  No time to waste!

These are the products I grabbed at a 100 yen store in Osaka, Japan from the brand Mio Piccolo.  I've introduced them to you in one of my collective haul video.  Click here if you want to check it out.

I got a powder, concealer and a blush.

Pore Cover Powder

It's basically a translucent pressed powder so no coverage but it somehow blurs out the appearance of pores.  Also, since the shade is too light, it can really brighten the skin.  I mostly use it on my under eye area to set my concealer.

It makes the skin extra smooth but I'm not a fan of the talc-ish feel because I find it too heavy.

When I use it to touch up on oily t-zone, it applies a bit patchy.  It feels a little drying too.

Creamy Concealer

The first thing I noticed when I first used this one was its glue scent.  It smells like Elmer's Glue.  Haha!

It has very light coverage so I don't use it as a concealer.  Instead, when I use my lip tint as a cheek tint, this is the one I mix it with to tone down the color and make the application easier.

It is creamy and easy to blend and the color is my perfect concealer shade for my dark eye circles, but the formula is not that good.  It settles in the fine lines and I find it drying as well.

So here's how the concealer and powder look on le face.

Pink Blush

Now, here's my favorite from this bunch.

When I picked this up, I knew that it would be too pink and it's so likely that I wouldn't be able to use it at all.  But when I finally swiped it on my cheeks, I got impressed by the soft color and its lasting power.

It stays on my cheeks until I wipe it off completely.  Sometimes, when I use tissue to wipe off excess oil, I would still notice some color after.

It also doesn't give me a hard time blendingm but since it's really pigmented, I need to be very light on the application.

That's all!

I actually want to try makeup products from Daiso or Miniso as well because some are saying that there are a lot of good finds there.  Any suggestion?

your sweetest drug,

A year won't be complete without traveling with my dearest D squad.

I had to skip our Boracay trip because I had to work in Japan so we planned another one (ooh, that rhymed).  We thought why not see a new city, explore a new place we haven't been to before.  We were thinking of going out of the country but we needed more time so we've lined that up for next year.

Here's a short video I put together that sums up our whole trip.  If Davao is also in your where-to-go-next list, make sure to check the places I mentioned.

Click here to start watching!

We checked in at Seda Hotel, which is just beside Abreeza mall.  Now, spell convenient!

All of us had zero sleep so after a quick lunch, we all passed out.  The only plan for our first day was to hang out by the pool.  We took a quick dip and headed to the mall again for dinner.

On our second day, we went to Samal Island.  

From our hotel, we rode a cab then a boat at Sta. Ana Wharf.  We got there before noon and we're told that the boat won't leave until 1 in the afternoon.  Ugh.  Time wasted.

The fare was below 100 php and the whole ride took about 40 minutes.

The plan was to stay at Kaputian Beach but we wanted to check out other places and resorts so we rode the habal-habal.

We paid 3000 php for 2 motorcycles.  It's kind of a package deal already.  

They took us to 3 spots - this one, Maxima Aqua Fun resort and Paradise Island & Garden resort.  We stayed in the island until 5:00 PM because we had to catch the boat ride back to Davao.

We paid for 300 for the entrance fee and that included unlimited use of their crazy, extra long slide. I wanted to try but I was feeling a bit uneasy with the other tourists there. 

For our last stop, we just quickly checked out the place, grabbed a snack and went back to the city.

We paid for 100++ php for the day trip fee and around 20 php for the boat ride.

On our third day, we spent the whole afternoon at Eden Nature Park.  

Note that taxi drivers might charge you for a fixed rate and would offer to wait for your group for the ride back.  That's because the exact location is not too accessible and there's no public vehicles around.

There's ton of fun activities to do there but just a heads up, prepare your feet for walking.  Lots of it.

We first checked out the butterfly garden.

Then, took more photos.

We also enjoyed hanging out at the playground.  #goodtofeellikekidsagain

There's a nice area there full of flowers.  It's a long walk from the entrance but it's worth it (we had to walk around because there's no more tour package available).

First time to see a sunflower in person!

We also saw this rainbow thing!

The agenda for the last day was to visit Jack's Ridge and buy pasalubong in Aldevinco.

We also dropped by Luo Wan Buddhist temple for a quick photo.

We tried the durian cake at Karlo's Gourmet and Cafe.  How was it, you asked?  Hmmm.  I didn't like the strong flavor and scent.  Haha!  

That's it!  I think we've maximized our time well enough but I still regret not planning the Samal Island tour.  If you really want to see a breathtaking beach, try other resorts like Pearl Farm.  Too bad, they don't offer day trips anymore.  We also should have went earlier to Eden Park so we could try the famous bike zipline thing.  Anyway, we still had fun!

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What do you think?

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