Angel Gray Geo/Circle Contact Lens

by - December 21, 2012

Here's the second installment of my circle lens review.  In case you missed the first one, here's the link to that post.

Today, I'm gonna share to you my fave fave fave color/type of lens.  It's the first lens that I used and when you ask me what to recommend to you ladies, for sure I'll say Angel Gray.

My natural eye color is dark brown, almost black.  Angel Brown is okay and works for me, but the effect of gray is better.

The thing you'll love about the Angel Series is the small lines and the thick outer circle that surrounds it.  It gives your eyes more definition.

The size of the diameter is 14.2 mm.  Another tip when you're planning to buy a pair is to settle with this size.  14 mm is okay too, but higher than 14.2 mm is sometimes not comfy to wear.

Since my Angel Brown has expired already, I looked for a contact lens store online.  I didn't want to go for the international ones, since I couldn't wait for a month just to have my new pair of contacts.  I was also hesitant to buy from some of the local online stores, just to avoid fake ones.  Luckily, Kris found out that The Optical Shop, Trinoma branch is selling branded geo lenses.  

Geolica is under Geo Medical Contact Lens Inc. and an exclusive brand for the Philippine market.  They don't have a wide selection compared to other stores, but it's guaranteed legit and safe... and that's the most important of all.

They are having a buy one take one promo for only 1200 pesos.  Yay!!  #shutupandtakemymoney

You have to wait for at least 2 to 3 days before you get your lovely pair, especially for graded lenses.  The samples are placed in a carton display and the eye doctor will also give you a brochure so that you can check out the colors.  I wasn't sure of my exact grade, but they gladly assisted me and had my eye checked.  They also looked at my glasses just to be sure....and it's..... 1.25.

They will also give you this kit which includes one lens case, cleaner, eye drop and a multi-purpose solution.  One pair is good for a year.

I've collected some photos for the before and after part.  :)

Without lens, with flash

Another one

With lens, with flash - studio shoot

With lens, without flash - phone camera

With lens, natural light - outdoor shot

Without lens, half shot - outdoor

With lens, half shot - outdoor

I hope the photos are enough for you to see the difference.  Bigger looking iris and livelier eyes.  

Previously, I've shared some tips when buying contact lens.  In this post, let's talk about how to take care of these precious, delicate and beautiful pair.  
  • Be very very careful when opening contact lens bottles.  The seal is super sharp, don't cut yourself. :)  To make my life easier, I use tweezers to lift the metal seal up then slowly pull to remove it.
  • Store them properly.  Have your own lens case.  Make sure that it's always tightly closed so that the solution won't spill.  
  • Make sure you always bring your solution with you.  I also prefer buying a multi-purpose type.  I've been using Solo Care Aqua ever since.  Find the right one for you.    
  • A small container for your solution is very helpful.
  • When cleaning your lenses, gently rub it using your palm and a finger.  Be generous when putting the solution/cleaner.
  • Always rinse after rubbing.
  • Don't re-use the solution!  If you have already used it to soak/store your lenses, throw it away.
  • Make sure that your lenses are still okay by checking the form.  It should look like a teacup/bowl when placed on your finger.
  • I know it will be difficult when you first try putting lenses on.  The trick is... using middle and ring fingers, gently push down your lower lash line and eyelids.  This will prevent you from blinking.  Using your other ring finger and of course, with a mirror, carefully put the contact lens on.  Try blinking several times afterwards.
  • Don't put on alcohol to clean your hands though.
  • If you feel a severe irritation, immediately remove your lenses and stop using them.  Ask your eye doctor too.
  • Just like your password and toothbrush, NO SHARING OF LENSES. :)
  • Let your eyes breathe too.  For me, I wear them 6 to 8 hours only.
  • You'll know when your eyes are still moisturized is when your lenses move whenever you blink.  

Sorry for a lengthy post, but I hope this helps in any way.  If I miss something, feel free to enter a comment below.

You can also visit Geolica's website and Facebook Page for more details.

What do you think?  Do you like Angel Gray too?  

your sweetest drug,

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  1. hi share ko lang po ito facebook page. sa lahat na nag iisip mag suot ng contact lens you might want to ask it first sa mga eye doctors. you can post your question to this facebook page

  2. Hello! I have recently bought two pairs of Geolica colored contact lenses from The Optical Shop. They were also for sale - PHp 1,200 for 2, and each pair can be used for a year. Currently I'm using Air Optix contacts that can be worn for 12-18 hours. So I don't have problems like dryness and irritation. I'm just worrying that Geolica contacts can't stay for long. The Optical Shop eye doctor advised me to apply eye drops when I feel dryness. What say you? Have you ever experienced dryness after wearing the lenses longer than six hours? I look forward to your response. Here's my blog post:

    1. hi! yep, i also feel some dryness after wearing it for a few hours. so i guess it's normal. but this depends on the temperature. if it's cold (air-conditioning), the moisture dries up quickly compared to normal temp. drops can relieve the dryness and you can settle for that regardless of how many hours you wear the lens.

      personally, i prefer a max. of 8 hrs. and i only apply solution/drops when it starts to irritate me and when it makes my eyes red. our eyes need to breathe too. :)

      and i also think that our eyes will eventually adjust. :)

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  4. I love the color of this lens and your stunning with it! Hopefully I can also try this color soon♥
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    1. thanks! this is my fave lens series - angel collection :)

  5. My girlfriend loves to wear angel collection too, she has gray, brown, violet and blue. Maybe all the girls loves to wear this because they look like an angel. lol

    Eye doctors East Side NY

    1. the black outer ring looks awesome! :) thanks for visiting!

  6. hey you are so fresh after wearing the contacts! i am a geo lover too, and i got this nice "online seller" to share with you!:)

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    1. thanks, Catherine! i'll check that :)

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