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by - December 09, 2012

I think I've already mentioned that royal blue is my fave shade of..... yea, BLUE  (tsk, i'm always redundant! HAHA :P).  I also call it Bella Blue.  Why?  Well, if you've watched the Twilight Saga, any of the 5 movies, for sure you noticed Bella wearing the same color of dress.  Don't worry, I won't talk about Bella, Edward and Jacob in this post. :)

It's already 3AM here.  I'm so tired because we just had our final general rehearsal for our dance segment on our company's Christmas Party.  I want to rest now, but of course, I want to leave you with a blog post first.  Ehem, karir mode.  

So, about the outfit... batwing sleeves became a trend lately.  At first, it looked weird, but hey, I appreciate the effect now.  This is perfect for those who are not that comfy showing their arms.  Even if the sleeves spread out as designed, it still gives the illusion of a slimmer arms.  Plus, it serves as an instant "aircon".  HAHA!  I like this better than long batwing sleeves.

Obviously, I opted for an office-friendly outfit. I added belt to separate my top and bandage skirt.  Say hello to another bold color on the side!  Instead of wearing my black flats, I chose my light gold shoes, (almost nude actually) so that the spotlight would always and only be on the lovely colors on the top. :)

What do you think?

Batwing Polo from The Chic Closet
Belt from Forever 21

Oh yea, the title??  Thanks to BIGBANG's song, BLUE.  :)

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