by - January 31, 2013

How's your January, guys?  The first month of 2013 is officially over.  Time really flies.  Made me think about the things I have accomplished so far.  :)     

Oh well, I have terrible headache right now, so let me do a very quick post.  

Don't you just love the printed dress?  The colors are very lovely.  Remember the first one I showed you here last month?  It's the same dress, different color/print.

I used my yellow belt again because it complements everything from the dress to my shoes.   Hooray for a colorful outfit!  It seems that a rainbow burst on me and scattered colors everywhere. :P

What do you think?

Dress from The Chic Closet (NOW ON SALE! 10% OFF THE POSTED PRICE)
Shoes from Cerafin Online
Belt from Bazaar

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your sweetest drug,

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