by - January 28, 2013

Welcome to the town of Forks.  Chos!  

This amazing man-made forest in Bohol is a perfect spot to take pictures.  Just be careful because  cars will appear from both sides.  :P  When we took these shots, we're like "Bilis bilis may kotse!"  HAHA! 

Please check out my previous post about our Bohol escapade.  A day trip like that can be tiring and a complete torture for your feet.  So, go for comfy shoes.  I thought of using slippers, but I realized that my feet would be exposed to dirt and dust from the long walks.  I also wore light pieces.  Don't go for knits or thick fabrics for tours like this unless the weather allows you.  :)  

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Top, shorts, vest from Bazaar
Shoes from Call It Spring
Aviator Shades and Bangles from Forever 21
Watch from Oxygen Paris
Bag from Dooney & Bourke

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