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by - March 08, 2013

 Sometimes, we tend to be in a rush while doing our makeup before going to work or school.  Fist bump if you agree.  :P  Well, I'd say that it's better if we keep it simple and clean, no smokey or dark eye shadows, but there are times that we would want a little bit pop of color on our eyes.  The solution?  Colored eyeliner.

This makeup product will save a lot of time from your usual eye shadow application especially the blending part.  HOHO!  Personally, I don't like wearing black eyeliner too often.  I have a small and single eyelid, so putting something on will make a big difference.  It redefines the shape of my eyes and makes it more visible.

Emerald City

Recently, I found a local NYX Cosmetics online shop called Digital Traincase and along with 2 lip pencils (I'll share them to you next week), I decided to try their Slim Pencil Eyeliner (and because it's on sale).  :P

I picked this Emerald Green shade.  Too bad, the white and silver were out of stock.  They really look like colored pencils!  If only we can use that instead as an eyeliner.  HAHA!

It also says Eyebrow Pencil.  Care to try green brows?  :P

Now.. the photos.

It is really pigmented.  Thumbs up for that! :)

You can go for "no-eyeshadow" or you can also do a very light application.  Here, I used brown.  I don't want to play around with other colors other than the eyeliner because again, our goal is to just have a simple pop of color.

I winged it out a bit.  My usual and favorite eyeliner trick. :)

See that?  If I open my eyes, it's almost invisible.  That's the common dilemma for monolids.  But I don't wish for a bigger/double eyelids.  :)  Weird thing, it happens to me sometimes.

I also put on white eyeliner on my waterlines (my other fave).  The good thing about using only colored eyeliners is that, you can go for any lip color.  I matched it with a "hot pink" shade (the lip liner I was telling you about) and still, you can get more focus on your eyes.  Nice!

Just check it from time to time especially if you're feeling a bit "oily" already.  Why?  It smears.  :(  I'm not sure if that's normal with this product.  I don't know.  Maybe because some part of my eyelid kinda hits the colored area?  

In any case, I'd still go for this look hmmm... let's say... once or twice a week!  HAHA!  For me, it looks fun and youthful.  :P  I'll just try to apply a liner sealer on top of it and check if it will prevent it from smearing.  

What do you think?

your sweetest drug,

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