The Chic Closet - Holiday Classics Collection

by - December 04, 2013

This holiday season, we bring you the classics from laces, flowy skirts, bodycons and more!  Everything you need to look fab and dashing.  I'm happy to show you our last collection this year.

'Tis the season to be classy!  HAHA!  Spoil yourself a little and score these simple but trendy pieces.  If you don't have time to go to the malls or you just want to avoid the hassle, browse this album now and shop away!  You can use these as gifts too!  In this set, the lowest price is 280 and the highest is 550!  We'll help you with your Christmas shopping needs!

And for the spirit of giving, we will shoulder the shipping fee for items 2 and above - any available items, old and new!  Yay!  

We only had 2 weeks to prepare this collection so it's more stressful than the last one.  And as you can see, we did the photoshoot in a studio because of limited resources.  We were looking for some place Christmassy, with decors and all, but again, no enough time to check the venues personally.  But I hope, the clean, white background (it's back!!) looks okay too!  I just brushed on some snowflakes to add more element.  HIHI!

Anyway, for sure we'll do improve as time goes by.  We will put extra effort to make everything more presentable.  I know all the hard work will pay off someday and besides, we love what we do so it doesn't matter.  HAHA!  #DoWhatYouLoveAndNeverStop #Fighting #ThatsTheSpirit

I can't wait to share my favorite shots! But before that, let me share some BTS photos.  :)

playing with this beautiful maxi skirt

Thanks to our photographer!!

my makeup - first time to dry the catwing, smokey eyeshadow

no lipstick yet



Thanks to Casa De Imahe studio and Sir Khalel for accommodating us.  :)

So there ladies!!  Happy shopping!  Here's the link to our FB page.

*Order form is required.*
*First come, first served.*
*Limited stocks only.*
*Maximum of 2 days reservation.*

your sweetest drug,

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