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by - March 23, 2014

Less than 10 days left before saying goodbye to March and here I am, still at my 9th post for this month!  Sorry, guys for taking a break again.  My work schedule is better but there's still a lot of things left in my plate.  We are cooking the next collection and yes, we are launching it later!  Who's excited?  Me!  Being a busy bee is a little worthwhile after all - if and only if you are doing what you really love.  You'll feel tired and exhausted at times but deep inside there's a sense of fulfillment.  Agree?

Anyway, I will stop making excuses and just go on with this post.  Here's another makeup review. Eyeliner fans, you'll love this.

Featured today is Smashbox Waterproof Gel Eyeliner.  I bought this online from Beauty Bar because it's on sale (online only).  Original price was around 1000 plus and I got it for only 600 plus.  But since I had to pay for their flat rate shipping fee, I was charged another 100 pesos.  Still acceptable because I still saved a lot technically.

It looks like a little paint pot.  I got the shade Deep Black.  It doesn't come with a brush so if you are planning to buy this, you better get an angled brush. separately.  Already got one?  Lucky you!

It's my first Smashbox product actually.  I was supposed to get the lippie which was on sale too, but something inside was telling me "too much already".  HAHA!  We all know that this brand is a little expensive, so grab it when it's still on sale!

The ingredients sound gibberish to me.  Can you spot a harmful chemical?

Honestly, I love the pot.  It's sturdy, even the lid.  No trouble as I close and open it.  

Here's a closer look.

One pot could last a year if you are not lining your eyes daily.  I only use this when I do a makeup look for an event or if I feel like wearing winged eyeliner.  I do get uneven eyes sometimes (if that makes sense), so lining my eyes with this and in a thicker line than usual helps.  

The texture is very gel-like.  It smooth and glides easily once you transfer it on the skin.  It doesn't feel patchy.  To maintain this consistency, you must store it properly.  Such makeup tends to dry up fast.  The solution?  Check this tip.

The first time I saw the actual color, I was thrilled.  It's soooo black!  No complaint whatsoever in the pigmentation department.  

I also like the finish.  It's matte.  Perfect!  It's exactly what I want.

Let's break it down right away, shall we?

What I love about it:
  • packaging
  • color payoff (jet-black)
  • texture
  • matte finish
  • glides easily
  • easy to control (still depends on your brush)
  • price - it is still Smashbox so luckily I was able to purchase while it's on sale
  • waterproof 
Let me explain this further.  It's waterproof because it doesn't budge when you put water over your lids.  When you wipe it with wet tissue or when you rub it, you may notice some fading, but most of the color is still intact.  Makeup remover will of course get rid of it, but a little amount will stay on your upper lashes which is I think normal for the majority of eyeliners.  

Sweaty lids are it's biggest enemy.  The line will stay put, but it will look messy.  Good thing, it still won't give you panda or raccoon eyes.

For my case however, it's more tricky.  As you can see, my eyes tend to "fold".  So when my lids start to become oily, the eyeliner will cause a "stain" or mark.  I hope you get the idea.  I haven't tried using this product yet with a primer though.

Overall, I can still say that it can survive all day.  

  • too many fallout 
I have to emphasize this.  When it starts to dry and you are not yet done drawing your line, you will experience a black snowfall on the eye area.  Really irritating!!  And painful too if you are wearing contact lens.  It falls everywhere.  Make sure to use a brush to sweep them off.
  • creates marks on oily lids

I also used it here.

What do you think?

your sweetest drug,

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