LOOKBOOK - Standing Right Next To Me

by - April 24, 2014

Perfect view, perfect moment but no perfect pictures.  HAHA!

So here's what I wore on my #sisterswedding.  I was one of the bridesmaids!  We do not have enough time to design or look for a gown, so I came up with one easy solution.  Maxi skirt!  Woot!

And I'm proud to say that our trendy tops are both from The Chic Closet.  HAHA!  #annoyingiknow

The green skirt blends well with the beautiful scenery.  Green everywhere!  I also stole the flower girl's crown for that ethereal effect.  Another fairy look, right?  My fave.

So if ever you encounter an "emergency dress up", you know what to look for.  Besides, it's a staple and very versatile too.  You can create different looks with this one simple piece.

What do you think?

Top and Maxi Skirt from The Chic Closet

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I used to have a wish
One day I'd feel like this.
Now I know love exists
Cause it's standing right next to me.

your sweetest drug,

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