30 Random Facts

by - September 07, 2014

Nobody tagged me but I still want to do this random facts thing.  Actually, I think I've already mentioned a few stuff in some parts of my blog.  Anyway, here it is.  #exciting

1. My birthday month is September.  Or wait, let me rephrase that.  Tomorrow is my birthday!  Though 8 is not my favorite number.

Here's a photo of me taken last year with my super yummo red velvet cake by Sidda Cakes.

2. I'm the youngest.  I have 2 sisters and 1 brother.  I'm still not sure who I resemble the most.  What do you think?

3.  I had my first official boy crush when I was in 4th grade.  A year after that, I got completely crazy and fell in love.  #younglove

4.  During high school days, I was very active in extra-curricular activities.  I was in the volleyball team, I joined several school programs, I was in the cheering squad (I love dancing) and I was also the Student Council's Secretary.

5. I have 2 best friends.  I've known them since we're in the Kindergarten years.  Rica (the crazy dude in the middle) had to fly to Dubai 'cause of work.  Good thing, Vea is still here with me.

6. I joined a pageant back in 2010.  Not that I'm proud of it.  HAHA! Actually, that experience could pass as my number 1 most embarrassing moment.

It's really not my thing.  I can't imagine myself daydreaming about winning the title, Miss Universe.  Yaaay, it's making me cringe.  Anyway, I think I'm already confusing you with this irony so, if you're wondering why I joined, well, here it is.  Have you reached a point in your life where you want to do something that you know, would somehow make your parents and all of your loved ones proud?  I think it's one thing that most of us struggle with. And let me tell you, I've been trying many times.  It's not easy.  But I know they love us so much that no matter how many times we seem to have failed them, they will always welcome us with open arms.  Unconditional love, that is.

7.  I took BS Information Management in college.  I'm a proud Thomasian. #GoUSTe #roar

8.  Gladly, I was able to get into an IT Company 3 months after graduation.

9. I started blogging November of 2011.  Kris convinced and inspired me to do so.

10. I learned a new sport because of Kris as well.  I now play football.  Beginner level, of course.

11. The only instrument I know how to play is guitar.  Thanks to my teacher, Kris. (again)

12. I love makeup.  (if it's still not obvious)

13. I love BIGBANG!

14.  But I love Rain more.  Oh my, Ji Hoon!  Head over heels since high school!

15.  My favorite fashion blogger is Kryz Uy and my favorite Youtubers are Cassie Ho, Michelle Phan, Anna Akana and Bubz.

16. Some of the things I hate doing include bed-making, riding roller coasters, waking up early, combing my hair (yea, really!), painting my nails and folding clothes ('cause it's hard for me).

17.  I know how to read and write Hangul/Korean a little.  #selfstudy

18. When it comes to food, I hate mayonnaise and I don't eat hard boiled egg yolk.  I love salmon!   I'm addicted to sweet potato - the orange one.

19. I don't like my first name, Michiko.  I'd prefer to be called Ichi or Chichi.

20. My fave series are HIMYM, Chuck, Game of Thrones, Once Upon a Time and Walking Dead.

21. I hate cats.  I'm a dog person.  I want to have my own Labrador, Golden Retriever or English Bulldog.

22.  My favorite manga is Rurouni Kenshin, and when it comes to anime, I like all 90's shows.

23. I love coffee and tea and I'm not a morning person.  I think it would be very hard for me to survive a day without caffeine.

24. One of my biggest dream is to be in a fashion show.  Sadly, I don't have the height.  Pft.

25.  I suck at doing my hair and brows.

26.  I have a very low tolerance with cold temperature.  I'll complain right away.

27.  I love doing core workouts except the cardio part.

28.  I'm so clumsy.

29.  I can't draw.

30.  For the music department, I love listening to soul, R&B, house and electronic.

That's it.  Whew!  It's harder than I thought.  :)

your sweetest drug,

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