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by - October 29, 2014

Lash Lust Mascara, sounds very sexy and appropriate for the brand, Victoria's Secret.  I like it.  :)

My cousin owns this mascara and I thought I'd also share the review here on le blog.

So, VS huh?  I know they have a makeup line but I can't remember using any aside from this one.  What I can recall is how pretty their makeup kits are.

Anyway, I cannot anymore find this particular mascara online, so I'm not sure if they're still selling it.

Now, onto the review.  I have lots of before and after photos.  #justsaying #extraeffort

The brush looks very odd because of it's wide, flat shape.  When I position the wand vertically, meaning the flat side is parallel to my eyes, it's very hard to apply the product because it hits my lids.  On the other hand, if I position it horizontally, meaning the flat side is facing the floor, it's easier.  The side bristles really help.

Obviously, I don't have thick and long lashes.  As I've said many times here on le blog, as long as the mascara helps them to look longer, thicker and more visible, I'm good.

Here you can see that it instantly added volume after 1 coat.  After the 2nd, it looks more lifted.

Here's another look at my bare lashes.  I didn't put other eye makeup for you to see the actual effect.

Because of the brush shape, it's hard to apply mascara from the roots.

After applying generous coats, my lashes became longer.  The thickness is enough and I love how it spreads out the strands.

It doesn't look like spider-lashes because it's not clumpy.  Although, I noticed that it smudges a bit on the lower lash line.

Another thing I love about Lash Lust is that, it feels light.  It doesn't make the strands stiff (if that makes sense).

Comparing it with other mascaras, personally I think it you'll need 3 or more coats to get the maximum thickness and length especially if you barely have lashes.

There's no label whatsoever in the tube that says "water proof" or "water resistant", but I still did this test to know if it's safe to use this mascara.  By safe, I mean you know, the chances that it will turn me into a panda or a scary creature.  HAHA!

By looking at the photo above, we can officially say that it failed the test.

Take note, I haven't rubbed my eyes at this point.  The mascara just ran down my face like black tears and it was super hard to clean up the mess.  I had to use my makeup remover.  #notcool

I think I need to stay away from this mascara.

After trying to rub it off, I got this.  My under eyes were covered in black... ink.  It's perfect for the Halloween season.  HAHA!

Too bad.  If only the formula was waterproof or water resistant. :(

What do you think?

your sweetest drug,

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