I just had my first best sleep since the last 15 days.  I now feel like I'm fully recharged and ready to get stressed again in the coming weeks.  Haha!

Anyway, the blogging continues and as promised, I'm gonna bombard you with product reviews meanwhile as I edit a travel video.  Exciting!

I'm currently using a new lip tint from a well-loved Korean cosmetic brand, Peripera.  I was selling a few of these before and I kept one for myself because I really wanted to try it.

All lip tints from Peripera are known for their lasting power and extreme pigmentation.  Those two things are what I always look for in a lip product so I got really excited to try this baby.

I'm actually using another popular Peri lip tint but that will be shared here on le blog separately so just stay tuned for now.

This product is inspired by "inks" from the packaging to formula.  It's housed in a plastic bottle and the applicator is the usual doe-foot one but it's a bit wider and also bendy.

I don't really dig the quality of the packaging though.  But for the price (around 7 USD), I guess that's fine.


The shade is called It Lips, a very vibrant coral pink.

I think no one will ever complain about the intensity because it gives a solid, very pigmented color in just one swipe.  

I forgot to do a swatch comparison but it's nearly just as intense as Tony Moly's Dear Tony tint.  

Here, I applied a tiny amount but the color still clung well onto my skin.


As I've mentioned, the applicator is bendy and wide so it doesn't give me a hard time as I spread the product evenly on my lips.  


It's different from water-based lip tints because the consistency is a little bit thick and gel-like.  It applies nicely but you have to be very quick in blending because it stains the skin and lips very fast.

I also don't find it too drying but I still don't forget putting lip balm underneath and on top to avoid flaky lips.

Underneath BB cream and powder, it still gives a nice flush of color.


Yep, it stays all day.  Well,except if you eat and deliberately wipe your lips with tissue.  Actually, there were times when I had to use makeup remover to get rid of all the color.  

So no doubt, you can count on this baby if you're yearning for a no-retouch kind of day.  Haha!

Overall, I'm really impressed!  I'm running low of two of my lip tints so I'm feeling relieved that I have great new ones in my collection!

What do you think?

your sweetest drug,
I'm back from hiatus!  Yasssss!   It's been a long time since the last post and I think this is the first one for the month of June.  I really missed my usual blogging session.

Anyway, I just came back from a business trip and I can't wait to tell you about the whole experience.  I have a lot of backlogs to finish so that might come a little later.  But for the next few weeks, expect a downpour of product reviews.

For today, here are 3 samples and my first impression about them.

Let's start with the mask sheet from Banila Co.  It's actually my first time to see and use a facial mask that comes with an ampoule.

Well, this is not a real sample but I thought I would include it here for you guys to get a closer look.

So you apply the ampoule first then put on the mask.  You can also skip the first step in case you want to use the ampoule separately.

I loved the intense moisture after.  My skin felt very supple!  It's like the perfect treat for a stressed skin!

Next is this Essence by Skinfood.

Nothing too interesting about it but I loved the honey scent.  It's not too sticky too in case you're wondering.  :)

Lastly, Etude House Real Art Moisture Cleansing Oil.

I've used up the entire sachet when I was in Japan.  I didn't bother to bring my Bifesta because I avoided bringing too many liquid products so this one was really convenient!

My actual cleansing oil experience turned out to be better than I expected.  I thought it would feel very uncomfortable but it's not.  The only thing I didn't like though is how it got into my eyes.  My vision became very blurry but good thing it didn't sting.

And the cleansing power?  


It broke down makeup very fast.  The waterproof eyeliner I was wearing, which also has been so tough to remove was gone after.  All gone.  No traces even after waking up.

It was also effective in removing the stubborn mascara I'm currently using.  As I've mentioned, Maybelline Hypercurl makes the lashes stiff and it breaks down to tiny grains that just spread if I use cotton pads soaked with makeup remover.

But of course, it doesn't stop with the cleansing oil.  You have to wash your face as per usual with your regular cleanser.

It didn't irritate my skin as well.

So that's that.  What do you think? 

Have you tried any of this three skincare products?  

your sweetest drug,

So you thought this one's a very early May haul?  Nope.  Here's another late video.  What's new?  Haha!

Good thing, I was able to finish editing yesterday.  The only problem was the internet connection.  It it was faster, this could have been posted before last midnight.  Boo.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this skincare and hair care loaded haul!  I can't wait to try the Nature Republic goodies in the bags.  Yassss!

Watch in HD!

Products Mentioned

CreamSilk Leave-on Cream (below 100 php)

I love the out-of-the-shower scent!

Palmolive Naturals 2in1 Shampoo with Argan Oil (slightly above 100 php)

It seems like a gentle shampoo.  Not very drying as well.

Silk Secrets One Minute Hot Oil Treatment in Pearl Essence (135 php)

A very affordable hair mask which doubles up as a conditioner.

Megan Waxing Kit and Strips (79 php)

I'm really hoping these are still available in Landmark.  

I love the how it makes waxing convenient but there's a tendency that you could go wrong and probably make it more painful than it already is.

Nature Republic Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel (245 php)

I now have 3 tubs!

Assorted Samples

Snail Solution Kit

Snail goo is back!

Travel Essentials

I'm definitely bringing this with me on my next trip!

Real Nature Mask Sheets in Green Tea and Acai Berry (55 php each)

For my skin, which is stressed lately.

Aloe Vera Cleansing Tissue (475 php for 2)

Gets rid of oil and makeup very well!

Bamboo Charcoal Mud Pack (375 php)

So far, I'm having mixed feelings about this one.  

Creamy Lipstick in Pink Someday (595 php)

It's not too pigmented as you can see in the swatch but it could be good as a matte lipstick topper if you want some shine.

Stick Concealer in Nude (295 php)

So easy to blend for a stick concealer!

And to end this post, here's the list of my current and last month's favorites!

Food  - Wendy's Homestyle Chicken Fillet Burger with fries and Iced Tea of course!
Beauty  - the Aloe Vera Cleansing Tissues I mentioned above
Music   - here's my playlist!
1) Close Your Eyes by Johnta Austin (from 2010)
2) Crying Out For Me by Mario (another oldie)
3) Crush by Yuna feat. Usher
4) 7 Years by Lukas Graham 
5) This Is What You Came For by Calvin Harris and Rihanna
6) Close by Nick Jonas
7) All My Friends by Snakeships
8) Middle by DJ Snake
9) Pillowtalk by Zayn
10) The Hills by The Weeknd
11) Hide Away by Daya
Recently Watched - Game of Thrones, the last episode was just.... I can't....
Now Craving - Chinese food

So that's it!  Next month, I'm actually planning to do a different haul.  Stay tuned for that! :)

your sweetest drug,

SkinWhite's U Spark event brought back some memories during my college days.  Good and bad.

Yes, I had my fair share of negative experiences but despite of that, I strongly feel that having a support system helped a lot.  I'm really grateful to have my girlfriends beside me, who have been a great source of positivity from school days to office days.

I think bullying, shaming, and gossiping have become more rampant compared before.  Actually, it doesn't happen only in campuses.  Surely, a lot of us have been a victim be it in the office or more so in social media platforms.

Good thing SkinWhite, as the market leader that stands for bright beautiful possibilities believes that it’s time to take a stand against negativity.  I admire such brands who not only promotes their products but also, campaigns for a good cause.

They picked 6 ambassadors from different universities who are all very active in spreading this advocacy.  They are Martina Reyes, Sabine Dualan, Bea Alcañeses, Crisselle Asuncion, Allysza Marasigan and Klaire Ellise Dulay.

Ms. Marianne Mencias, author of What's Your Life's Masterpiece talked about self-empowerment and following one's passion.

They also introduced the new and improved Classic Whitening Lotion.  It now has Light-Feel Technology, which promises non-heavy, not-at-all sticky lotion feel.

After the event, I received my U Spark pack which contains SkinWhite's products from their Classic line.

Nike Bear wrecked the packaging :(

Let's take a closer look at each one, shall we?

This whitening lotion has a built-in SPF and comes in different sizes as well.  SPF 10 has a powdery scent while SPF 20 has a fruity fragrance.

I gotta admit.  They're not lying when they said that this is fast-absorbing and non-icky.

It has a watery consistency, which makes it runny so be careful and don't squeeze the bottle too hard.  It also has a cooling effect, which I love because it's perfect this summer season.

Need not worry about the stickiness as well because this is indeed lightweight and almost feels like you just applied water on skin.  Amazing!

And since it's packed with Vitamins B3, B5, B6, C and E, it intensively hydrates without the annoying greasy-feel.

My only gripe is the strong fragrance that it leaves but I think for someone like me who's not a perfume-person, that would come handy.

They recommend to use the lotion with the whitening soap.  And yes, that's what I'm gonna do!

This has a shower-fresh scent, which I prefer over the powdery fragrance that the lotion has.

This comes in 3 sizes.

The formula has RENEWhite3C and Synchronized Whitening Technology that would give you fairer skin and of course, Vitamins B5 and E for moisture.

Now this one's interesting.  Aside from overall skin whitening, I know a lot of us are also concerned about having a fairer underarm.

The label says it has a powdery scent but actually it's kinda different with the lotion's fragrance.

Lastly, the whitening face cream.

If you're a few shades away from your ideal fairer skin tone, then this one might help you get there faster.

It's basically a multi-purpose cream and I like to think of it as a CC cream.  It can be used as a face base or as a moisturizer and because it has a built-in SPF, rest assured you're also protected from the harmful rays of Mr. Sun.

I recommend it to those who are not fond of putting on layers and layers of skincare especially during daytime.

I just love how it leaves the skin feeling supple.

That's it!

I'll definitely let you guys know more about the effects of these products maybe like after a month or two.  How about a before-and-after photo?

Have you tried any from this bunch?  What did you like most?

So remember girls, we can be brighter together!  Let that inner light of positivity in you sparkle!

What do you think?

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I almost forgot how blogging feels like.  Before, I can squeeze in a draft post after my shift but now, ugh, it's just impossible.  I really feel bad about me not being able to sit down and edit videos or write a review.

Anyway, there's no room for remorse.  I'll just try my best to get back on track and keep le blog alive and slaying.  Haha!

For today, I'm featuring my contact lens from Geolica.  The last pair that I have actually.

watermark here is the old one because I reused the photos

The color is called Pearl Grey but it's more blue than gray.  I checked the Lady Collection and I have a feeling this is Cobalt Blue.  Maybe the box got switched?

This lens is 14.2 in diameter.  It's different from circle lenses and it doesn't have a doll-eye effect as well.

Check out these photos.

artificial lighting

natural lighting

Overall, I love how it really accentuates the eyes and for me, the pattern is unique.  However, it's not a pair I would wear daily because well, it's blue and I don't think I would be in the mood to rock blue eyes on a normal day.  

Although, I'd like to pop these when I sport a not-so-everyday kind of makeup look and of course, on special occasions when I just have to put my glasses aside.  

What do you think?

Visit Geolica's website to browse for their products and to know their store locations.

your sweetest drug,