If you've been a reader of le blog for quite some time now, you've probably noticed that I'm not into foundations (even the powder ones).  The closest one I got currently is my Tony Moly BCDation and the last actual foundation I used long time ago was from Maybelline.  I think it's from their Mineral makeup line.  After that one, I switched to BB cream and I loved the product so much that I've ultimately been in stick-with-you-forever kind of relationship with it for quite a while.

So yea, I've survived without a foundation in my makeup stash.  Uhm, actually, I don't know if that's something I should be truly happy about.

However, my feelings have changed somehow and I think my BB cream fandom is slowly fading away.  I still love it though and I'm about to buy another one.  #firstloveneverdies But lately, the makeup junkie in me tells me to give foundation another shot.

So thanks to Ms. Liz of Project Vanity, Beauty Bar PH and Happy Skin, I got a chance to try one!  What a perfect timing, right?  Not only did I get it free but also, it's from a booming, well-loved local brand!

Believe it or not, this is my first ever makeup from Happy Skin.  I haven't tried their popular Shut Up and Kiss Me lippies because I want to try lip crayons released before them first.  Oh well, it's just me.  :)

I randomly got Soft Beige, the lightest shade.  It's also available in Natural Beige and Warm Beige.  Nothing too light in the range since the brand is committed to create colors suited for Filipina skin.

Sadly, it's too light on me.  Not my perfect match but I was able to make it work because I'm currently using a slightly dark face powder (I apply it on top to set the foundation).  Maybe #2 shade is better?

Here's a swatch comparison.  My BCDation in Pink Beige is even lighter!  

Before diving into more details, can we just pause and look at the lovely packaging?  It's right up my alley because it's girly but without any "pink" action going on.

I believe it only comes in one size - 30 ml.

It's housed in a squeeze-bottle type of container.  The cap is well-secured and the tip does not release too much product.  Not ever.  Yay to a no-mess application!  

There's SPF 20 in the formula, which is good enough.  BB creams have higher but if you are using a separate sunscreen, this is no biggie.

The key ingredient here is hyaluronic acid, a great anti-wrinkle and moisturizing agent.  

The consistency is far from being very creamy, but not too liquid-y as well.  It's silky and blends like a dream with or without primer.  

It smells like typical foundations.  You know, that glue-ish scent?  But it's not annoying or anything.

What I love about it

  • well-made packaging
  • has SPF
  • easy to blend with a brush or fingers
  • feels light on skin
  • less sticky compared with others I've tried
  • doesn't feel greasy

  • gives medium to full coverage
  • even with two layers, still looks nice
  • gives a glowy finish (not fully matte)
  • evens out the skin tone while making it still look natural 
  • gives moisture 

  • gives an almost flawless look (pimple marks need more concealing)
  • diminishes the appearance of pores
  • sets quickly (I think skipping powder would be okay)
  • does not cake nor settle into fine lines in normal weather 

I used one layer of concealer for my under eyes and pimple marks (ugh! Can they just disappear?!)


When I tried applying a large amount, it looked like a mask.  Definitely, not cool.  So I recommend working with thin layers if you are building the coverage up. 

How about oil-control?  Hmm.  No drastic or obvious change.  Like I said , it doesn't give a matte finish so there's a bit of shine/glow.  When I'm wearing this foundation, my t-zone still starts to get shiny after 5 hours under normal/good weather.  However, I noticed that even with a good amount of excess sebum, it still looks okay on skin.

The only thing about it that could possible throw people off is the price.  I mean, 999 php could be hefty for some especially those on a budget.  There are also other drugstore foundations, local and international that come in a larger size and also work great.

Go spot my pimple marks! HAHA!

Wear time is also average.  Actually, it doesn't last all day err day on me because I tend to touch, wipe or blot my face.  It won't survive with too much sweat as well.

Overall, I think this hydrating liquid foundation is great for everyday use.  My "skin still looks like skin" with it on. #myskinbutbetter  

Yes, there's a noticeable foundation-like finish if I don't apply a thin layer but I love the natural, youthful glow.  I also see some similarities with BB Cream and tinted moisturizer because of the anti-aging, sun protection & moisturizing properties. 

What do you think?

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your sweetest drug,

After trying out Skinfood's very popular and best-selling product, Black Sugar Mask (loved it but it needed help to remove stubborn blackheads), I decided to test the other variants to see if they would work just the same.  And between the other two, I didn't hesitate to pick its twin (almost) for starters.

They added strawberry and created an even sweeter version.

A lot of people who have tried both said that this one's less abrasive than the original Black Sugar, but I don't agree.

IMO, this one is capable of more "scrubbing" action because aside from the sugar granules, there are also strawberry seeds.

Both are packaged in the same tub.  Labels and design are very much alike as well.

Once you open it, it's like strawberry wonderland!  The sweet scent is reminiscent of yummy strawberry cupcakes, candies, jam and all of those pink sweet treats you can think of.  Whenever I use it, I always tell myself "no, you cannot eat it".  HAHA!

Here's how I use it.

I do my exfoliation two to three times a week (unless I forgot).  I also make sure that I've cleansed my face already before applying this mask wash off and same as before, I use lukewarm water.

Look how much I've used up already!

Both black sugar scrubs have the same consistency and formula, well except for the added strawberry goodness obviously.  The product kinda melts off once you massage it on your skin and you can really smell the sweet fruity fragrance, which for me is an added treat.  HAHA!

You'll instantly feel the sugar granules and seeds as they buff the skin's surface.

Overall, I'd say this strawberry mask works just the same as the original black sugar one.  Their performance?  Equal.  However, this sweet baby gives a bit more moisture.

Skinfood's sugar masks help create baby smooth skin after application.  But again, for the stubborn blackheads, you may need to do additional steps and use additional products.

So, who won my heart?

Both!  These two are the facial scrubs I would love to use interchangeably.  I won't mind owning pure black or strawberry!  They are both welcome to my bathroom sink.  HAHA!

A few tips!

If you feel that the scrub is too harsh as you massage it on your skin, add some more water.  That would help melt off some of the granules.  

Don't bother exfoliating your pimple when it's on the it's-about-to-erupt stage because doing so might irritate it even more.

Concentrate on the center of your face especially if you have normal, combination or dry skin.  You just need to target the areas where the skin gets very clogged and dull.  If you have very, very dry skin, you'd need a very, very gentle exfoliator.  

What do you think?

Next one to try, the Rice mask!

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Today has been very unproductive.  Well, at least I was able to clean my brushes and finish a blog post.  *sigh

All I want to do right now is to stay in my bed, watch movies and catch up with TV series.  So yea, that's my usual #sundaymood.

Let's just talk about the outfit, shall we?

There's only one dress left from the Ladylike collection that I haven't shared yet.  I can't help but feel sad knowing that this set would be the last one from The Chic Closet (only for now, guys).  I'll definitely miss the photo shoot and all the preparations.

Anyway, I decided not to sell this dress and just keep it in my closet because I really like it so much!  The combination of materials is unique and the fit is amazing.  My only gripe is the length as it's a bit short, but I think I can deal with that.

What do you think?

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Have a nice week ahead! 

Check out this song by Tamar Braxton.  Perfect for a rainy Sunday night.

your sweetest drug,
I'm back to regular programming!  Expect a series of product reviews in the coming days.

Let's start with a freebie I got months ago.  Perfect timing because the Canmake one I owned broke and I badly needed a face powder to combat the oiliness during the blazing summer days.

Fairydrops is a Japanese brand known for their unbeatable mascaras.  I've seen their shelf long ago at Beauty Bar shop and even though I'm not an I-love-all-things-cute type of person, their packaging still enticed me to take a closer look at their products.

This is called Vanilla Puff Mineral Powder and I got the shade Dark Ochre.  On their website, there are 3 other shades.

At first, I thought it would be too dark on me but as it turned out, it perfectly suits my summer skin color.  HAHA!  And besides, I don't prefer face powders in light shades so it's all good.

You need to stack the pieces like so.  I find the packaging very unique because typically, loose powder comes in a container with a sifter on top.  That's one reason why some people are not fond of them since they tend to be messy and we sometimes end up wasting most of the product.

There's also a mirror on top, which I really do appreciate.  Handy-dandy.

When you open the cap, you'll see a chubby, soft puff.  Then, if you take off that part, you'll see the several holes.  That's where the powder goes.

There's also cap which you can make use of to control the amount of powder that goes out.

I still can't say if this type of packaging is really efficient or not.  Truth is, I'm afraid to take off that cap permanently because I think all of the powder will just come out as I tap it on my face.

So what I do is, I tap it once or twice without the cap, then I open the lid every so gently and lastly, I put it back on.  So far, it seems to be working.  Lesser waste I guess.

Another thing I worry about is how dirty the puff would get over time.  But of course, I can wash it anytime.  I'm still thinking how though.

The powder is finely milled, not chalky.  It blends nicely even with just a patting motion using the puff.  I've also tried using a brush and it still spreads out evenly.

And oooooooh!  I love the scent!  It's like dabbing a marshmallow on your face.  HAHA!

There's no creasing, no powder in the fine lines, just a smooth surface.  However, the lasting power is something I'm neutral about.

The coverage is also good.  Definitely not the sheer, translucent kind.  It covers pores very well, but for other blemishes, you'd definitely need help from your concealer or foundation.  Nevertheless, it's still something you can rely on if you want a no-makeup look but still need a little bit of coverage.

Here I have primer on the center of my face and concealer on my eye area and pimple marks underneath the mineral powder.

Finally, here's what you're most interested about (I assume)... oil-control.

My t-zone usually starts to get shiny after 4 to 5 hours and there's no significant difference when I apply this powder.  I still re-apply once or twice throughout the day.  But since it's so convenient to use, I'm all good.

Even when I put on layers, it still doesn't look cakey and my skin can still breathe as it's very lightweight.  It also looks nice on top of BB cream and foundation.

sorry for the difference in lighting

Maybe I can re-use this packaging if ever I buy another loose powder in the future.

Any tip on how I could clean the puff?  :D

What do you think?

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Have you ever tried sleeping without washing your face?  I know we all had a moment when we're just too exhausted (or maybe drunk), we could barely move and all we wanted to do was to drop everything and crawl into bed.  Next thing we knew, a pimple popped up.  Kind of a reminder saying "hey, seems like you had a tough day" and like a here's-what-you-get-by-skipping-the-sink-last-night surprise.

I guess that's one reason why makeup remover wipes were invented.

There are tons of facial cleansing towelettes out there and you can get them in different sizes and scents too!  Most of them are very inexpensive so I don't see any reason why you shouldn't keep one. If you prefer big bags of wipes and you want something natural/organic, this one's definitely for you.

I'm talking about Burt's Bees Facial Cleansing Towelettes with White Tea Extract.  The brand offers various types, all infused with your choice of natural ingredient and suitable for your skin type.  Though I'm not sure if everything is available here locally.

This size which costs 495 php contains 30 pieces (175 php for 10 pieces).  Just the pack you need for a month, if you intend to use it every day.

It claims to remove makeup and dirt and at the same time, tone the skin.  Key ingredients include white tea, cucumber and aloe extract.

I don't think that it's drying.  It just gets rid of excess sebum.

Each towel is not super soaked.  There's just a right amount of moisture.  You will also surely appreciate its softness and quality.  It's made of natural fabric and you can really tell that it doesn't easily break.

Even though it has great cleansing power, I still don't use it alone.  Just my personal choice.  I still make sure to wash my face as per usual. #doublecleanse

It can remove oil and makeup without rinsing but for super waterproof ones and some clumps of mascara, maybe you'd need a little help from a separate eye makeup remover.

I sometimes use it when I have no makeup on but decided to put something later in the day, since by that time, there could already be oil and dirt on my face.

My only gripe is the overpowering scent.  Yes, it smells like tea in a way but distinctly perfume-ish fragrance.  Aaaaand it bothers me since it stays for a couple of minutes.  Good thing, it's not something that my skin would react to.  No irritation, so we're good. *wink

What do you think?

Are you always a double-cleanse type of girl?  

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You can also find them at any Beauty Bar store.

your sweetest drug,