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Sunday, December 21, 2014

The night before our Year Ender Party, I spent time trying to create a makeup look for the event and I thought gray smokey eyes paired with pink nude lips would suit my dark blue gown.  I practiced just to make sure that on the next day, I would be able to recreate it faster since I only had about 1 hour or so to do my hair and makeup.  It turned out, I failed to do the same exact look.  Boohoo! I was like, what the hell happened!  HAHA!  But, let me share it anyway and also, a bonus side story about my gown-hunting.

Here it is.  All gray and black for the eyes with va va voom upper and lower lashes.  As for the lips, I chose a pink nude color.  Highlighter also played a key role.

By the way, the products in the photo are just for examples.  They are all from Google Images.

I used matte eye shadows for this look because I didn't want to be all sparkly.  

Here's my pair of Red Cherry lashes.  I absolutely love it!  My mascara did a great job as well on my lower lashes.  

If you don't have a highlighter stick or powder, you can also use a pearly or shimmery white eye shadow.

A light pink blush would also be a nice complement to this kind of eye makeup.

I also tried on a few lipsticks, but pink seemed to be the perfect match.  

That's it!  I'll show you the actual look and the complete outfit as well on a separate post.

Kris and I decided to just rent a tux and a gown.  The theme was all about black, blue and silver and luckily, there's an available formal dress for me in a royal blue color.

We went to Marikina to visit this gown rental shop called Royanne Camillia.  Their formal wear ranges from 1000 to 2500 pesos.  

I fell in love with this fitting area.  I also spotted several gorgeous gowns and cocktail dresses, so if you need one for an upcoming event, go and visit this shop.

Here's the other choice.  

It's a simple black silk dress with nice back straps.

I liked the length and fit, but it's not padded and I would need to wear adhesive bra, so it's a no-no for me.

Here's my choice.  #backlessgain

It's longer than the other one. 

Check out how I styled it on my Lookbook series.

As for Kris, he opted for a black and silver combination.

If you're looking for a tux/suit rental, check out Gardini Fashion Center.


What do you think?

your sweetest drug,

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Saturday, December 20, 2014

If you've seen the Just In post where I first mentioned about this MAC baby, I also shared that it's my first time to buy a second-hand makeup.  My colleague, Meg, who is also a beauty blogger and owns an online makeup shop as well, decided to sell her pre-loved cosmetics and I was lucky to score one of her MAC lipsticks.  You can click the links above to check out the available items.  I think she updated the prices and added more products, so if you are open about buying slightly used makeup, go and visit her sites.

Here's an orange MAC Lustre lipstick in a shade called, Tart & Trendy.  It was a part of the All About Orange line that came out last year.  If I'm not mistaken, this one's a limited edition, so you won't see it anymore in any MAC counters.

It's almost new when I bought it.  Box was included.  The tube and bullet were in good condition as well.


Obviously, it's orange.  Not on the very bright, neon side though.  It has a neutral to warm tone.

In terms of color payoff, it's a teeny bit sheer when you compare it with other very pigmented lippies.  One layer would give your lips a light orange tint, but you can build it up if you want a more saturated color.

It's really good as an everyday-orange, if there's such a thing.  HAHA!  What I mean is that, if it's your first time to try an orange lip color, this one's a very good option.  It's not very striking and looks natural.


It has a slightly creamy finish like most regular lipsticks.  No glitters whatsoever.


It glides smoothly on the lips even when it's dry.  No pulling or dragging required because color transfers easily and evenly.


Even though it's on the creamy side, it doesn't feel heavy and rich.


It's a bit drying and it has caused my lips to chap a few times.  Better if you prep with lip balm prior every application.


The bummer is the lasting power.  It doesn't leave any stains, so once it transfers to a tissue, cup, straw, etc., it's gone.  You'll have bare, colorless lips again.

Even if you put on 2 or more layers, don't expect it to last throughout the day.  However, I think this ain't a problem for those who don't mind reapplying their lipsticks after eating, drinking, whatsoever.

Sometimes, I just dab it on my lips for that very sheer orange tint.  I also like putting on 2 layers if I'm in the mood for a brighter orange.

One sad part is that, Tart & Trendy is not meant to be used for a gradient lip look.

As for makeup look suggestions, I've tried pairing this with light gray eye shadow, and it looked good.  I think this color complements minimal eye makeup very well.  Since this is a neutral orange, you can still play with different eye makeup looks.

Overall, I like everything about this lipstick except the longevity part.  I still consider it as a good try though because it's very easy to wear.  And seemingly, this shade of orange suits my complexion.  Next time, I might try a more saturated orange.

What do you think?

your sweetest drug,

Friday, December 19, 2014

It's the last weekend before Christmas!  How's your holiday shopping so far?  Kris and I are almost done.  Just a few gifts left and we can finally rest and enjoy our holiday break.  

Since there's only a very minimal work for me for the next 2 weeks, I'm feeling a bit excited because that means I'd have more time for my blog and for the shop.  I know it's kinda disappointing for some of our shoppers since we didn't release a Holiday Collection this year.  I feel bad too.  So to make up for that, we are now working on a new set, our first collection for 2015 that is.  As for the blogging part, a new makeup look is on it's way, though I'm still not sure if I'd do a video or just the normal Beauty Board post.  I miss editing and there are a lot of awesome songs in my head, which I think would be perfect for a makeup video.  HAHA!  

Furthermore, my usual yearender posts such as 2014 Favorites, 2014 Highlights and my Christmas wishlist are also in the works.  No VS Fashion Show post yet because I haven't watched it.  I already have the copy though, so I might share it next week.

If you are planning to do last-minute shopping this weekend, make sure to think of the gift items beforehand and list them down.  Much better if you indicate the stores as well.  Trust me.  It would be a lot less hassle that way.

Happy weekend!

your sweetest drug,

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

More Korean makeup for me!  Ready to see what I've purchased this time?

By the way, please forgive me for this very short and sweet post (yet again).  I was supposed to draft this last night, but work extended as usual, so I'm cramming now.  I'm here in Laguna with my team for our Christmas party.  I don't intend to do any work-related stuff or even blog duties today, but I have to publish this overdue post, so here I am.  HAHA!

Out of 9 products above, I own and bought 5 and the Etude House lip tint there was a prize from an online giveaway.  The concealer tube was requested by Kris.  Yep, my man's a makeup junkie too.  HAHA!  Just kidding!  He said he needed something to cover his panda eyes.  The BB cream and concealer pot was purchased by my cousin.  Don't worry because I'll share reviews of those as well.

Let's break it down a bit, shall we?

Innisfree Black Berry Facial Masks
I just felt the need of stocking up, because I always prefer putting on one after a good exfoliation.

Etude House Dear Darling Tint
Thanks to Beautifan!  I love giveaways!

Holika Holika Wonder Drawing Auto Eyebrow
I wanted to change my eyebrow routine a little bit, so I bought a crayon type.  As you know, I was using eye shadow all the time and I noticed that it's harder to control and distribute powder on brows.

Tony Moly Kiss Lover Style Lipsticks
I got a nude lippie with a touch of pink and a hot pink color.

Innisfree Vivid Tint Rouge
Sadly, I picked the wrong product.  I was looking for the other one in mousse type, but I got this instead.

Missha Under Eye Brightener
Kris' concealer!  But I'm using it for now while I look for mine.

Holika Holika Eyelove Proof Brow Mascara
This is to complete my eyebrow kit.

Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream in No. 21
My cousin's pick.  She finally decided to join the BB craze.

Tony Moly  Face Mix Cover Pot Concealer
Again, purchased by my cousin.  Two concealers in one cart.  See?  It's a must-have because eye bags tend to make us look older and more stressed.

Of course, the Korean cosmetics haul won't be complete without the free samples.

Check these out on my Sample Stash series!

Lastly, let's not forget these two babies right here.

I got a pair of falsies for our year end party two weeks ago.  I must say.  I like Red Cherry's quality.

I also ran out of face powder.  This time, I tried Canmake, a Japanese brand.  The packaging is so cool!  It reminds me of Sailormoon.

Even though I'm in a hurry, I won't end this post without the quickie update section. :)

Currently Loving - slightly dark lower lash line

My LSS - Restart by Sam Smith.  Speaking of Sam, we just got our concert tickets yesterday! I can't wait!  May 2015 will be awesome!

Recently Watched - Mocking Jay Part 1

ABSpiration Update - I've been very busy and I feel very guilty doing only at least one workout a week.

Craving For: - unlimited salmon sashimi!

That's it for today, guys!  Talk to you tomorrow!

your sweetest drug,

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